If you like sarcasm, coffee, Disney, or sitcoms, we’re gonna get along just fine!! The little town of Sonora, CA is where I call home, but I always have my bags packed and ready to go on my next adventure at a moments notice. If I’m not exploring new places you can find me in a local coffee shop drinking unlawful amounts of coffee and not nearly enough water (but I’m working on that); or hiking with my German Shepherd/Catahoula mixed puppy, Minnie. I watch way too many movies and still cry during the last episode of Friends, no matter how many times I’ve seen it. I pretty much thrive on being awkward and laugh at myself way too much! But my FAVORITE thing is meeting new people and learning their stories (I’m an enneagram 2 so being social is kinda my thing) so I’m STOKED that you’re here!! Like really. So let’s grab a drink and be best friends!! 

(yes like the fruit) but you can call me Chels! I’m a California-based destination wedding and elopement photographer. (Or as I like to call it: a professional third wheel) 

I’m Chelsea Lemons.

Oh hey!

I want you to be able to look back at your photos and remember EXACTLY what you felt in that EXACT moment! I want to capture the laughs and adventure that comes with this life while still showcasing your absolute love for each other. Non-traditional, adventurous, intimate and destination weddings are my thing. And because I actually give a damn about you (weird right?) I fully intend on being your best friend by the end of this experience! So if you’re not afraid to get a little dirty and embrace whatever weather that’s thrown our way, then I’m your girl!! 

Nope. Sorry but that’s just not my style. Life isn’t perfectly posed so why should your memories be? I’d much rather have the beautiful, messy, in-between moments that reflect the emotions and experience.

First off, let me be blunt: I don’t do the in the studio-magazine-perfectly-posed pictures.

Danielle & brent

"Be prepared to laugh constantly and feel like REI models at the same time! Chelsea has a gift of creating a comfortable and relaxed environment mixed in with an immense amount of fun. It's like being on the best adventure style date with your favorite person and having your best friend there joking with you and coaching you throughout the day!"

"...Chelsea has a gift of creating a comfortable and relaxed environment..."

a sweet review