Abso-freaking-lutely!! Because I customize each package to every couple, travel fees are also customized depending on location/distance. But here’s a basic breakdown of what travel fees look like and include: gas (I charge $0.80 per mile that’s over 35 miles from where I live); lodging for a minimum of two nights; round trip flight (if necessary); rental car (if necessary). 

Do you travel?? What are your travel costs??

The ONLY reason I wouldn’t make it to your event is if I’m in the hospital or had a family life or death emergency. This has yet to happen to me (knock on wood) but if God forbid it were to happen, I would be sure to find you a replacement photographer that I 110% trust and whose work you love!


I say embrace it!! I mean unless it’s like a full on blizzard or hurricane… but depending on the forecast, I typically always encourage my couples to embrace it! And most of my couples are down for anything, even for their elopements, its apart of the experience. I actually love when it’s rainy out cause it makes for some epic photos! And makes for one hell of a story!!

What happens if the weather is bad??

For every session and event I require a non-refundable deposit of 30% of the total cost. So even if you reschedule, another deposit for the new date will be required. I do this because once you book, I mark off that day and am counting on that income and most likely had to turn other clients down that inquired about the same day. If this seems harsh, I don’t mean it to be!! Please understand, this job is my sole source of income, even though it doesn’t feel like a job to me cause I love it so much!!. But because of that, I have to be sure I secure an income to help pay my bills ‘cause we all know adulting ain’t cheap!

What if we have to reschedule or cancel? Is there a fee??

Depends! For elopements I won’t because that experience should be as personal as possible with just you and your person. But I offer it to you as an “add-on” option for intimate and full weddings and I HIGHLY recommend it. I’m a huge fan of having a second shooter with me at weddings!!! The reason being, it just makes the day go a little smoother having the extra hand and the extra camera snapping even more pics so that you’re guaranteed as many moments as possible. One thing to note, I do require that you add a second photographer if your guest count is over 150 people.

Would you bring a second photographer to our wedding??

No. I firmly believe that the way each photographer edits his or her photos is a HUGE part of their art. That would be like a contractor building a house but stopping after the frame, no insulation or walls - incomplete. No one wants that.

Do you give out any RAW (unedited) images?

So here’s the deal, I offer engagement photos as a complimentary gift when you book my full wedding package because I believe it’s SUPER important to have the same photographer for both your engagements and your wedding. I’m all about building that foundation and relationship so that your 110% comfortable and familiar with my process once the big day comes. But because it’s my gift to you, and the price of a normal engagement session isn’t factored into the total cost, if you choose to opt out and not have them done, it won’t lower the cost.

Will you lower your package cost if we don’t want engagement photos??

If you’re worried about not having all the pics, I promise you have nothing to worry about!! I give you ALL of the very best of the best from your session or event and usually have a hard time narrowing it down and give you a shitload of photos!! 

How many images are included??

In my opinion, usb drives are a thing of the past!! I deliver all of my galleries (couples and weddings alike) via a convenient online gallery that you will have full access to for 6 months post delivery.

How do you deliver your galleries??

For sessions I’ll have your photos delivered within 3-4 weeks. For elopements/weddings I’ll have the full gallery delivered within 12 weeks and a sneak peak within 48 hours. I try to deliver them as fast as possible but make sure to give myself a little extra time just to ensure I get them to you quickly still even if an emergency happens.

How long does it take you edit the photos?

Since I’m the photographer, and creator of the image, I’ll have the copyrights. BUT you will have the printing rights, which means you have full access and the right to print and post as many as you guys want!! (This is also described in a little more in depth in my contract that you’ll receive if you decide to book with me!)

Will we own the rights to our photos??

Oh I GOTCHU!! As soon as you book I’ll send over outfit guides for whatever vibe we’re going for that will help ease that stress for you!

What if we don’t know what to wear??

Nope. I’m all about the real, authentic you and photoshopping destroys that. It creates a false image. I wanna show YOU off and your God-given beauty! With that said though, if you wake up the morning of with a pimple the size of Texas on your face, I’ll be sure to get rid of that sucker no problem lol.

Will you photoshop us??

Occasionally, yes!! I don’t do very many throughout the year because I’m pretty swamped with weddings and couples (those are what I specialize in) but I typically do a handful in the fall, gotta get those holiday cards out, and randomly throughout the year. Just be sure to reach out early in order to get on my books!!

Do you do family/maternity sessions??

I don’t. I tried a few in the past and learned quickly that they just aren’t my thing. But I’d be happy to recommend some really amazing photog friends that are AMAZING at newborn photography!

What about newborn sessions??