I’m obsessed with the show Friends and literally almost cried when I got to visit the real-life apartment in NYC. Not even the actual set. Just the apartment. Most days you can find me in a local coffee shop drinking an almond milk latte, listening to Taylor Swift, editing or catching up with a good friend. Unless the weather is nice, then you can bet I’m outside on a hike with my favorite 60 lb puppy, Minnie. I love Jesus with my whole heart; Harry Potter; singing as loud as possible in my car; and I think my cat is the prettiest thing alive (I’m not biased at all, she’s just perfect). If I could eat pizza for the rest of my life and not die, I would. I prefer beer over wine, Parks and Rec over the Office and movies over books. And if you wanna know more, just ask ‘cause I’m DYING to get to know you!! 

I’m a full time destination wedding and elopement photographer who specializes in sarcasm and movie trivia (especially Disney). I’m based in Northern California but I absolutely LOVE to travel and I live for spontaneous trips!

I’m Chelsea, but because we’re already friends, call me Chels!

I wanna bring your vision to life and create some magic while making time stand still for the rest of forever. I don’t wanna be just another rando vendor who shows up the day of and shoves a camera in your face, barking orders. I wanna show up, already besties, your coffee order in hand, pouring you a mimosa and cheering you on the ENTIRE way! From the moment you inquire, I gotchu. Need vendor recs? Done. Need timeline help? I’m on it. Forgot to eat the morning of? I got a backpack full of snacks! So just a heads up, when you book me, you’re not just booking another vendor! You’re gaining a new bestie!

I grew up going on missions trips and still have a passion for serving. Being a photographer hasn’t changed that. I’m here to serve YOU.

I’m an enneagram 2 which means I THRIVE on helping others.

My heart

Katairy & Brad

"If you're looking for a photographer, Chels is your girl! My fiancé absolutely hates being photographed, especially professionally, but even he enjoyed the session and had an absolute blast! Chels knows how to ease the awkwardness of being in front of a camera. The way she involves herself with her clients makes you forget that you're even being photographed. It's as if you're just having the time of your life with your significant other and you happen to get AMAZING photos out of it. So if you're looking for a good time with some high quality photos, I highly recommend Chelsea. You won't be disappointed."

"...The way she involves herself with her clients makes you forget that you're even being photographed...."

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