Cause that’s what I’m all about, the experience! From the moment you book me, to FaceTiming you crying when you send me a pic of your dress, to popping champagne on the big day, I am HERE FOR IT!

I know this and I understand this. But it’s also an invitation to tell a story. And every story is unique. So if I’m not your ideal storyteller, that’s totally fine!! I don’t take offense. We can still be friends! However, if I am and you’re sitting there like OMG YASSS YOU ARE MY GIRL!! Then you best believe it when I tell ya, you’re about to have an experience of a lifetime!! 

Ok, here's the deal: Photography is an art. And because of that, every style and approach is open to interpretation.

couple session

full wedding

intimate/micro wedding

adventure elopement

I’m not one to beat around the bush so I’ll give it to ya straight, no BS: apart from the venue, photography will probably be your biggest investment. And I don’t say that lightly, I know you’re dropping a big chunk of change on this so I wanna be real, up front and lay it all out there!

Okay that’s cool and all but what’s this gonna cost me?

Adventure Elopement

If the vision of you and your person standing alone on mountain top in a national park, or a beach on a tropical island, or a seaside cliff in Italy makes you say FRICK YES!! Then an elopement is definitely the right choice for you! Just the two of you (well technically the three of us, don't worry I can even officiate to make it legit), in an epic, breathtaking location, exchanging vows and sharing the experience of a lifetime. If you’re not afraid of the adventure, or getting your shoes a little dirty, then let’s gooo!! 

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Starting at $4,000 for a minimum of 3 hours

Intimate/Micro Wedding

If your idea of the perfect wedding doesn’t involve a large crowd with 100+ guests, and you reeeaally like the idea of an elopement, but like you still wanna share your special day with your closest family and friends... Then this is perfect for you! Whether in your parents’ backyard, or some badass resort on a beach, or at a vineyard in California wine country, you’re gonna have the time of your life and I’ll be right there to capture it all! This option is for weddings with no more than 80 guests.

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Starting at $4,500 for 8 hours

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Full Wedding

If you’re wanting to throw the celebration of the year, with every relative and friend you can think of 'cause you can’t imagine not sharing this day with them... I’m freaking ready for it! I’ll be there from the very beginning, giving you tips for timeline, recommendations on vendors, and handling all the details that you don’t need to worry about, including wrangling your relatives for family portraits! I wanna give you a stress free, amazing day that you and your guests will never forget! Think of me as your stand-in bridesmaid, but with a camera! Capturing everything from your getting ready photos to your sparkler send off!

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Starting at $5,200 for 10 hours

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Couple Sessions

Not gonna lie, these are my absolute FAVORITE. Just imagine this: you and your boo hangin out, adventuring, sharing some drinks and laughs and I’m just there as your favorite third wheelin’ bestie, casually taking photos of every moment! Sounds incredible, I know ;) So whether you’re looking for engagements, anniversary, or ‘cause the last picture of you both was from your first date back in 2005… dis for you!

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Starting at $450 for 1.5 hours 

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CHECK OUT the experience

Not quite sold? Need a little more info on what exactly "the experience" entails and what it looks like to work with me? Click here and check out more details all about my approach and why I might be a good fit!

let's chat

K sweet, you know what you want! Now what?? It’s pretty simple, just head on over to my contact page here, fill it out with allll the deets on your end, and I’ll shoot a response email within 24 hours. Again be prepared for some extremely excited and dramatic emails/phone calls/texts and every dancing GIF ever created!! You’ll also receive a real detailed pricing guide, and even more exciting GIFs!! You ready?? K cool, me too!!!

Ohkayy I’m sold. Let’s do this! 

Priscilla Williams

“We booked Chelsea for our engagement photos and our wedding. But because of COVID and travel restrictions, we had to move up our wedding date and elope! Let me tell you, this girl made every second MAGICAL! My husband and I aren't very fond of being in front of the camera but Chelsea really has a gift in being able to out our true selves and letting it show in her photos. She really captures the story and the emotion, not just the moment. She made it fun, easy going, and checked in with me the whole way to give me tips and tricks on what to wear, what to expect, and what to just let go of! Not only do I have these photos to look back on for forever but I have a forever friend!!”

"...She really captures the story and the emotion, not just the moment. She made it fun and easy going...."

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